Bonsai tree wiring

How To Wire A Bonsai To Shape

If you ask any Bonsai enthusiast what is the best way to shape your tree, and ask nicely, they will tell you how to wire a Bonsai to shape. Basically, copper or aluminium wire is ... Continue Reading →
Types of Bonsai Trees - Formal Upright Style

Types of Bonsai Trees – The 5 Most Common Styles

Common Styles and Types of Bonsai Trees If you are getting into the world of Bonsai, there is so much that can fascinate you. Bonsai come in many varieties, and the types of Bonsai ... Continue Reading →
root scraping a bonsai

How To Care For A Bonsai Tree

Various types of bonsai trees exist and each have their own specific needs, so it is important to learn the basics of how to care for a bonsai tree so you have a foundation to build ... Continue Reading →

What Tools Should I Have In My Bonsai Kit?

Making Your First Bonsai Kit You need only 4 or 5 basic tools in your bonsai tool kit. Inexpensive tools may not last as long or stay as sharp as higher quality tools so choose them ... Continue Reading →

How To Grow Bonsai – The Best Tips For Starters

Top Tips On How To Grow Bonsai Trees A Bonsai tree is a great little plant to cultivate and grow from the beginning. However, there are some things you will need to consider about growing ... Continue Reading →